Canna Flex

Vicarius Canna Flex

Flexible insulation panels made from hemp, Vicarius Canna Flex, are flexible insulation panels for walls, ceilings and roofs. Their main advantage lies in their excellent ability to protect against cold, heat and noise. The raw material used for this durable material is hemp, a fast-growing annual plant.

Vicarius Canna Flex is made of hemp, bonding fibres and salt, which improves the material’s fire resistance. This high quality insulating material does not contain any harmful additives.


Another advantage is the vapour diffusing openness of this material. Walls with vapour barriers are often likened to a plastic bag. Our insulating material doesn’t work like that. It lets walls breath, like a second layer of the house.


Those who are practically-minded will certainly appreciate how easy it is to use and install the material. Insulation panels can be cut with a special knife with a serrated blade. Knives can be purchased from us.


Do you want to sleep comfortably in summer? Then Vicarius Canna Flex is the right material for your home. During the hot summer months, heat accumulates in the insulation and is slowly released into space. The heavier the material, the more heat it can accumulate. With a density of 35 kg/m3, our hemp insulation panels are approximately twice as heavy as polystyrene foam. Thanks to this, for example, you’ll avoid overheating the space under the roof.

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