Canna Panel

Vicarius Canna Panel

Rigid insulation panels made from hemp, Vicarius Canna Panel, are flexible insulation panels that are ideal for external or internal insulation of peripheral walls during construction or renovation.


Another advantage is the vapour diffusing openness of this material. Walls with vapour barriers are often likened to a plastic bag. Our insulating material doesn’t work like that. It lets walls breath, like a second layer of the house.


Mould and algae don’t stand a chance: due to a higher mass than, for example, polystyrene, the surface temperature of the insulated building does not drop as dramatically. This means that mould and algae don’t have a chance to take hold and the façade remains clean for longer.


Those who live on a busy street or near the airport will undoubtedly also appreciate Vicarius Canna Panel. This innovative sound insulation provides the best protection of all façade insulation systems!


Conventional EIFS insulation must not be painted in a dark colour. That’s not the case with Vicarius Canna Panel. Here you have complete freedom in design and colour – you can even choose a black façade. Even with a heavily textured surface. Pilasters can also be installed on insulated walls. Vicarius Canna Panel is the right insulation for any building – whether modern or historic.

Product list Canna Panel: